The process has 4 stages.

Prospective clients are invited for a preliminary meeting at the Triangle 3 offices where we discuss your financial needs and establish how we can help you realise your financial objectives and goals.

We will discuss the types of service we can provide, for example a full financial review or more focused advice in a specific area. This initial meeting will be at Triangle 3's expense.

Taking the time to understand your goals is without doubt the most important part of the planning stage. Our recommendations will hinge on the information you provide us about you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Following on from our research and analysis, we will prepare our recommendations on how you can achieve both your short and long term goals. Once discussed and agreed with you we shall implement these proposals.

Ongoing, we want to ensure that our recommendations continue to be relevant to your financial goals and personal circumstances. To do this we shall agree a review strategy with you.